Creating a Title Screen for Tuwitames

Yikes! It has been a while since I have blogged. A few months, in fact! Things haven’t changed much. I’m just jumping into development of Tuwitames now. I have decided to use a couple of game assets from the Unity Asset Store instead of creating all the game assets. Unfortunately there is not a 3D modeler on the team and it’s much faster to purchase assets. The downside is that this is going to be a very costly endeavour. I’m going to have to start saving my pennies!

I just wanted to run you through the work that I have done creating a title screen for the video game that I am working on, Tuwitames.

I’m using the Stylized Nature Pack that I grabbed off the Unity Asset Store. This is full of beautiful trees and lighting effects and most of them are customizable. The artist put in a lot of work into this, and you can tell.

To create the title screen, I followed a tutorial on Youtube, Creating a Start Menu in Unity. It solidified some of the knowledge of UI elements that I gained last summer.

The scripting is quite simple. It involves toggling whether certain menus/buttons are enabled/disabled based on the choice of the user. I’m not entirely happy with how this is scripted and I would rather hold something in a boolean value and wrap the enabled/disabled gameobjects in if statements, but this will do for now. I will come back to this and add more behaviour, but this is pretty much ripped right from the tutorial. When I change this I’ll come back to it and post more on the blog.

public class MenuScript : MonoBehaviour {

	public Canvas quitMenu;
	public Button startText;
	public Button exitText; 

	void Start () {
		quitMenu = quitMenu.GetComponent();
		startText = startText.GetComponent();
		exitText = exitText.GetComponent();
		quitMenu.enabled = false;

	public void ExitPress () {
		quitMenu.enabled = true;
		startText.enabled = false;
		exitText.enabled = false;

	public void NoPress() {
		quitMenu.enabled = false;
		startText.enabled = true;
		exitText.enabled = true;

	public void Startlevel () {

	public void ExitGame () {

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